Posted by: becomingsuzzie | April 2, 2010

Major Accomplishments!!!!

Little Man did an awesome thing tonight after his bath… He peed in the Potty!!!! I’m so proud of him.  It’s moments like this that I live for.  We’re that much closer to pull ups, and big boy underpants.  So very exciting! Another very exciting thing happened today, I got my new camera, so one of my other goals is beginning today as well.  I am going to take at least one picture a day, and so that I can make sure that I follow through with another one of my goals I am going to post at least one daily photo this is my first one.  Little man is enthralled with something and he is all cute and adhorable and I think it’s the best, most appropriate photo (we got a picture of him going to the potty for the first time) that I took today.  Enjoy.

The Calm Side

Posted by: becomingsuzzie | April 1, 2010

Day Four

Today marks the fourth day success that I have had with  my goal to become a true Suzzie Homemaker.  I have kept my living room, dining room and kitchen clear of clutter and nastiness for a full three days.  By that I mean for the past three day I have cleaned my messes as I made them, this is a huge feat for me, and I have gone to sleep every night knowing that my downstairs is free of clutter.  I am so proud of myself.  What adds to this is that fact that my son, Little Man, is not by any stretch of the imagination, a child that cleans up after himself.  Granted he’s learning too, he has done a great job at cleaning his room and is always happy to help mommy with her new goal.  To become an organized mother who can not only get dinner on the table on time, but amuse my son and keep a tidy house all while still attending school full time, being active in my husband’s squadron, making new friends in my new MOPS group, and maintaining this blog.

Goals you say, what goals.  My first goal has already begun, keeping the downstairs clean consequitively, (that doesn’t mean I only want a clean kitchen for a month, I’m just starting slow so as to keep from scaring myself.) The next goal is to keep the upstairs clean consequetively for a month, while also maintaining the downstairs.  I also want to be a more active and fun mom for my son to play with, take at least one picture every day and improve myself on a daily basis.  I hope to grow as a person, a mother, a wife, a student, and an artist through this blog.  Oh and I also want to be MUCH more organized!

This all may seep very easy, and it would be except my husband, being Active Duty Air Force, gets to deploy soon, *sad face* not cool.  Granted we are military and this isn’t our first deployment, and it will probably be the easiest deploymet yet because I am now at home full time, I used to be active duty as well and I recently got out.  that doesn’t mean it doesn’t completely stink.  This is the first deployment that Little Man, whoose 2 1/2 and will turn 3 during the Hubby’s deployment, will actually realize that he’s gone which adds an entirely new level of complication.  I’m not complaining, simply explaining.  I really am quite confident and not at all worried about the deployment, just about Little Man.

So sit back, relax and enjoy sharing my journey of becoming a better person, wife, mother and woman.